Platinum Check-Up (3 day)

Max Grundig Clinic

Making a decision about your health sometimes means taking the direct route to diagnosis as opposed to the most elaborate.

At the Check-up Centre, the Max Grundig Clinic favours intelligent laboratory algorithms, magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound examinations because these methods are painless, risk-free and allow reliable treatment monitoring. To avoid radiation risks, x-rays or CT scans (also known as CAT scans) are used in individual cases only as needed. However, endoscopy is a standard procedurethat the clinic employs for a definitive diagnosis.

Check-up Programme Platinum (3 day)

This offer includes:

  • Admissions interview with physical exam
  • Laboratory tests (routine parameters plus external laboratory parameters)
  • Cardiological examinations
    • 1) Resting-ECG
    • 2) Exercise stress test
    • 3) Echocardiography
    • 4) 24-hour Holter ECG
    • 5) 24-hour blood pressure monitoring
  • Gastroenterological examinations
    • 1) Gastroscopy
    • 2) Colonoscopy
    • 3) Proctoscopy
  • Radiological examinations
    • 1) Low dose CT of the thorax
    • 2) Spiral-CT scan of coronary arteries (calcification score)
    • 3) MRI scan (one region)
  • Spirometry
  • InBody (body fat measurement)
  • Ultrasonographic study
    • 1) of the upper abdomen
    • 2) of the lower abdomen
    • 3) of the thyroid gland
    • 4) Colour duplex of the carotid arteries
    • 5) Sonography of the mamma
    • 6) Mammography
  • Examinations by other subspecialties (e.g. dermatology, urology and orthopedics)
  • Concluding discussion and letter with recommendations
  • Ankle-brachial pressure index (ABI)

Total Price 9,500.00 Euro
duration: 3 day

Additional therapies can be booked separately.

  • Health Travel with Hayat

    We work in a transparent manner. Estimated costs for medical services are conducted and invoiced by the Max Grundig Clinic. Hayat Black Forest will invoice additional services separately. The booking of additional services, extended overnight stays or accommodation of an accompanying person is welcome.

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