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We make it feasible for our guests to be treated by excellent German medical specialists in preventive and curative medicine.

Hayat Health Travel®is a German agency specialized in the organization and coordination of medical travels to the Black Forest Health Region.

Our region has a wide range of medical services and excellent worldwide reputation. The Black Forest is known since Roman times for its healing nature factors, such as air purity and mineral springs. Find beautiful landscapes with mountains, woods, waterfalls, lakes, orchads, old picturesque villages and lots of activities.

We see ourselves as a link between the needs of our guests and the medical specialists, hospitals and accommodation. Based on medical necessity and your personal needs and wishes we put together a tailor-made offer. This could be the preselection of medical institutions for treatment, rehabilitation or prevention, but also the selection and booking of your Hotel or Holiday Apartment. After your arrival we take care of fulfilling your needs and wishes throughout your stay to assure you and your relatives a pleasant stay.

We work in a transparent manner. Estimated costs for medical services are conducted and invoiced by respective medical institutions. Hayat Black Forest will invoice additional services separately.

Medical services are classified as follows:

  • Health Check-Ups

    The purpose of a medical check-up program is to make you aware of undetected health problems and risks for common diseases at an early stage where you may not have any symptoms.

  • Second opinion

    Concerning medical treatments we often like you have a second opinion from experts. Especially when it is about diagnosis or recommended treatments you are not sure of.

  • Treatments

    The wide-ranging medical services of your partners provide tailor-made solutions for patients concern.

  • Rehabilitation

    Rehabilitation means "recovery". Its goal is to help the patient to regain and maintain physical and mental strenght.

  • Aesthetics & Beauty

    The main objective of aesthetic plastic surgery is the permanent improvement of your appearance. This refers to all body regions. A wide-ranging treatment starts with special care applications up to surgical procedure.

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