The good-good life.

“The Belle Époque meets the Age of Instagram”

is the headline the New York Times recently used to describe Baden-Baden – and it’s certainly true that today the city’s rich history blends seamlessly with a highly contemporary lifestyle. Baden-Baden is revitalising itself and attracting increasing numbers of international visitors. What makes this small but impressively cosmopolitan city so appealing?

  • First and foremost

    It’s always had a strong appeal. Baden-Baden was established over 2,000 years ago as a place for people to relax and reconnect with themselves. Water, light, earth and air are the city’s precious resources. Extraordinary hot springs, spas and nature, hotels of unparalleled quality – and the lure of the casino. Over the centuries, Baden-Baden has evolved into an enchanting destination, offering a spectacularly diverse range of opportunities for both relaxation and excitement.

    The city’s 19th century heydays has left a lasting mark, but while a grand past can some- times overshadow a place’s present, this certainly isn’t the case here. You won’t find yourself strolling reverently amongst preserved relics of the past and monuments of yesteryear:

  • Baden-Baden is vibrantly Alive.

    The city was built to sustain and enrich life, and that tradition continues today. Life is about change – being open, embracing new in uences and inviting new people into the city: inspired people, who bring with them talent, ideas, art and a fresh outlook.

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Lean back and immerse yourself in a short trip through the The good-good life

You’ve just arrived.

The sun is shining. You’re eager to explore the city. Lichtentaler Allee stretches in front of you, running all the way from Goetheplatz to Lichtenthal Abbey. Lichtentaler Allee’s nickname is “the Promenade”, but it’s much more than that: it takes you past the grand hotels and museums, revealing to you the splendour of Baden-Baden’s palaces and villas – in a sense, it’s also the city’s largest park.

  • The Frenchman Jacques Bénazet arrived in Baden-Baden

    In 1838, inspired by the architecture of Paris, he built the casino and the theatre. The city’s parks were created around the same time. The overall ensemble exceeded expectations, and the balanced interplay of art and living, culture and nature, still ful ls to the dreams of visitors from New York to St. Petersburg.

  • Mediterranean atmosphere

    The shimmering light, the close proximity of all the important sites... ah, but Baden-Baden wasn’t just built for pedestrians: you can also oat over the city in a hot air balloon, cruise along the picturesque Black Forest roads on your e-bike or sit “all day at small tables under the trees”, as the Russian poet Gogol did. Regardless of your preferred mode of transport, Baden-Baden ensures that you arrive – back at your own centre.

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