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Second Opinion

Concerning medical treatments we often like you have a second opinion from experts.

Especially when it is about diagnosis or recommended treatments you are not sure of.In such cases we put you in touch with a highly qualified senior medical specialist, to receive a second opinion. There are different ways to receive a professional second opinion without actually being in Germany.

  • Teleradiology

    Our partner expert teams of radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists evaluate radiological images such as MRI, CT, PET-CT, X-ray or mammography taken in the patient’s home country and provide a “second opinion”.

  • Online Consultation

    Online consultation is a live consultation with senior medical specialists in various disciplines via video conference.

    You and your local physician can discuss your treatment options and diagnostics strategy with medical specialists of our highly qualified partners. An interpreter is available during the whole online consultation.

    This service includes:

    • Thorough examination of the patient’s medical documents and of the request form
    • Live online consultation with a senior medical specialist
    • Interpreter services during the teleconsultation
    • Technical support by the German IT
  • Written second opinion

    You can get a comprehensive written second opinion from one of our top specialists without having to leave your home country.

    Your written second opinion will be ready in 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the diagnosis.

  • Evaluation through medical experts

    Of course you are able to visit medical institutions we are collaborating with for a second opinion.

The wide-ranging medical services of our partners provide tailor-made solutions for patients concern. Contact us with your concern so that we examine in consultation with our medical specialists, whether there is an optimal treatment possibility for you in one of our partner institutions.

Every case is individual and treated with great care. Depending on your situation an outpatient treatment may be possible. If this is the case, instead of staying in a medical institution you are free to stay in one of our selected Hotels or holiday apartments. Of course we advise you about suitable solutions.

We gladly take care of you and your members and support you with any issues regarding your stay in the Black Forest.

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During your stay we will support you and your family with our service

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