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Rehabilitation means "recovery". Its goal is to help the patient to regain and maintain physical and mental strenght.

Medical rehabilitation takes place in rehab clinics or outpatient rehab institutions. Not always disease can be cured. In treatments though, experts try their best to mitigate complaints and to attain patients acceptance for respective concerns, such as physical restrictions, for a changing attitude towards life.

  • Examples for important rehab focuses:

  • Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

    Orthopaedic Rehab specializes in treatment of disease and injuries of the support and movement apparatus.

    Common illnesses and treatment focuses are:

    • chronic back pain
    • Spinal diseases, such as slipped disc, spinal canal stenosis
    • Accidents and sport injuries
    • Rheumatological illnesses
    • Degenerative arthopathy, such as knee arthosis, coxarthosis
    • Post-treatment after spinal surgery
    • Post-treatment after knee, hip and shoulder surgery etc.
    • Post-treatment after implantation of artificial joings
  • Cardiological Rehabilitation

    In cardiological rehabilitation a team of experts is working on regaining and maintaining physical as well as mental health of the patient.

    Possible indications for cardiological rehab:

    • Heart attack
    • after cardiovascular surgery

    In case of increased risk for cardiovascular diseases special prevention courses can be conducted.

    Especially patients who have been treated due to cardiovascular diseases and who are suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, or blood fat are at high risk.

  • Neurological Rehabilitation

    In case of neurological diseases, neurological rehab can lead to great progress. Patients are being supported to enhance life quality step by step and to take away patients fears and concerns due to new life circumstances.

    Common reasons:

    • Stroke
    • Vascular brain diseases
    • Infectious diseases of the central nervous system

The wide-ranging medical services of our partners provide tailor-made solutions for patients concern, such as medical treatment, physiotherapy, massage, nursing care, diet advisory, and much more. Contact us with your concern so that we examine in consultation with our medical specialists, whether there is an optimal treatment possibility for you in one of our partner institutions.

Every case is individual and treated with great care. Depending on your situation an outpatient treatment may be possible. If this is the case, instead of staying in a medical institution you are free to stay in one of our selected Hotels or holiday apartments. Of course we advise you about suitable solutions.

We gladly take care of you and your members and support you with any issues regarding your stay in the Black Forest.


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