Health Check Up

Often an early detection is everything.

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Top Health Check-Ups offered by our Partners

The purpose of a medical check-up program is to make you aware of undetected health problems and risks for common diseases at an early stage where you may not have any symptoms.

Get diagnosed by well trained prevention and check-up experts in Germany. Our Partners for medical-checkups in the European Health Region Black Forest use the latest technologies and equipment. You can expect the highest professionally and precise diagnostics.

Medical Check-Ups are on outpatient basis and of differing durations. We help you with finding and booking of a suitable Hotel or Holiday Apartment and all transportation services. Of course you can combine Check-Ups perfectly with touristic activities and wellness in the Black Forest. We will support you at any time.

In the following we inform you about the Check-Up offers of our medical partners, which you can book here without any additional charge.


Max-Grundig Clinic


Franz Dengler Clinic