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There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.

Germany is often been used as starting point for trips through Europe. Reasons for this are the excellent German infrastructure and many flight connections from Germany to other European countries. Especially combined trips to Switzerland and France are popular amongst traveler to Europe who are starting their journey in Germany.

This makes the Black Forest a perfect starting point for trips to Europe due to its location at the border triangle Germany, France and Switzerland.

  • Southwest Germany

    Besides the diversity in the Black Forest, the southwest of Gemany has plenty to offer: museums of world-leading automobile manufacturer, fascinating cities and much more.

  • Switzerland

    The adjoining swiss region is awaiting you for day trips as well as weekend trips. From starting point Freiburg you reach Basel in less than an hour. 

    Basel has a lot to offer. Visitors from all around the world gather in Basel to attend exhibitions such as Art-Basel or the swiss jewelry and watch fair.

  • France

    The adjoining region of Alsace enchanting by its very own charm, historic places of the German-French border and its traditional cuisine invites you for day and weekend trips.

Southwest Germany



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